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"I am the owner of a small business, Silverline Transportation, LLC.  My business is a service associated with the airline industry, delivering luggage previously lost, then found by the airlines.

In recent years gas and fuel prices have impacted my business.  During a recession loans are not easy to obtain.  A solution to my business concerns was suggested to me.  Lexx Funding, Inc. and Joy Ann Venverloh was the answer.

Lexx Funding, Inc. and its financial funding concept was the solution Silverline Transportation, LLC needed.  Joy Ann is a dynamic business woman who provided personal, prompt and informative service to me.  Joy Anns' knowledge of her business and her interest in understanding my business need, gave me the opportunity to sustain my business.

I would highly recommend Joy Ann Venverloh and Lexx Funding, Inc. to my business associates."

Julius Marley
Silverline Trans. LLC

"I, Charles Jones of C. Jones Wrecking & Trucking Co., would like to recommend Joy Ann Venverloh of Lexx Funding, Inc., as Financial Services Champion of the Year 2010.  I have been incorporated as a business owner with the City of St. Louis since 1999 and I have never encountered a more business minded individual as Mrs. Venverloh.  I was referred to Lexx Funding by another business owner and I must say it was dream come true.  As I had previously bid on and completed contracts before, I would have had to save that money to complete the next contract, getting behind on bills, being garnished and having the potential for my business to sink further in debt while waiting for my money to come in.  With the help of Lexx Funding, I have been able to get my business back on track.  I have used factoring companies before in the past for trucking expenses but never did I imagine that a factoring company even existed for small business factoring.  I have been introduced to the idea of upfront financing to complete the job before completing the job, and it has truly been a blessing.  I plan on using Joy Ann Venverloh and Lexx Funding for the remainder of my business endeavors and will recommend her to any and everyone.  I give Mrs. Venverloh of Lexx Funding "ten stars" in excellent customer service, reliability, productivity, commitment and dedication.  I consider her to be more than a business woman but a true friend, because she truly cares about what happens to you in the advancement of your company.  It has truly been an honor to work with Joy Ann and this is why I would like to see her become the Financial Services Champion of the Year 2010."

Charles Jones, Owner
C. Jones Wrecking & Trucking Co.

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about Lexx Funding.  We were referred to them by our accountant.  He thought it would help us by giving a more consistent and reliable cash flow in order to meet our ongoing expenses such as payroll, fuel, repairs, etc.  Rather than waiting 30 to 90 days to get paid by the companies we work for.

They also help us check out the companies we are thinking of working for in order to help ensure they are legitimate, reputable and as stable as possible in today's economy.

Joy Ann and Don have been a joy and a blessing to work with.  They are honest, fair and always willing to offer help and/or advice to help meet our ever changing needs.  They are always there when we need them and if for some reason they will be unavailable, they do let us know in advance.  I would definitely recommend them.  And I thank them for all of their help.  I truly feel that we are not just business associates but friends as well.

Simcon Hauling LLC

"I want to tell you how much I appreciate the services of your company.  As you know, I had a government contract and had no money to fulfill it.  This was my last chance.  If I did not do this job, I would not get another one.  I did not know where to turn.  Finally, my supervisor told me about you and said that other companies were using your services.  I called you and explained my situation to you.  You immediately went into action and soon I had the money that I needed to complete the job.  Now I am on my second contract and have a third one waiting to go.

Thank you so much for saving my company.  It really makes me proud to think that I am on the path to a successful year."

Sandra L. Mack D/B/A
SAN-LOU Contracting Co. 

"I just wanted to write to thank you very much for all you have done for T. Security, LLC, as we are growing our business.

As you know, traditional financing institutions, i.e., banks, credit unions, etc., would not give us the financing we needed to take our business to the next level.  Your factoring solution saved the day!  We were able to leverage our receivables to generate working capital through your services, and have now tripled our revenues and doubled our company size in the past year.

You are very personable and understanding of the stresses and challenges facing small businesses and you always calmly suggest a new way to approach a problem or provide an answer that we are looking for.

Please feel free to use my name as a reference.  I would be happy to share our success story - and your contribution to that success!"

Suzanne M. J.
T.Security, LLC

"This is just a note to let you know how much my company appreciates your accounts receivable financing services.  As you know, I had just started my company when I first met you.  Banks would not lend me the funding that I needed to start and grow my staffing company.  A large factor turned me down because my account was too small.  Lexx Funding, your company, has been factoring my receivables for over six months.  Things could not have gone more smoothly.  I have met every payroll on time and that is very important to me and to my employees.

With your help, my company is a growing company with a bright future.  I hope to continue having Lexx Funding handle my accounts receivables."

Stanley D. M.
The M. Group

"I wanted to thank you personally for helping me on my financing.  Before I met you, I was desperately searching for funds to support my project.  The success of this project was extremely important for my family and me.  Every bank and credit union I visited I was turned down.  Nobody wanted to help me.  I was very frustrated, disappointed, and ready to give up.  Then I met you.  You changed my life forever.  You helped me when nobody did.  You were extremely friendly and answered all my questions with patience and clarity.  I know how important it is to make a good impression and you did just that.  You have my highest rating!!!  Furthermore, I am happy to say that my experience was great and I would be happy to work with your company again in the future for all my financing needs.  Additionally, I will recommend Lexx Funding, Inc. to all my friends. God bless you and your family.  Thank you again for your understanding and support."

Christina B.
B. Environmental Services, LLC

"Thank you so very much for the outstanding accounts receivable service you have provided my company for more than two years.

I was introduced to Lexx Funding at a time when we were really struggling to survive and the bureaucracy of payment processing had almost forced our doors to close.  Your prompt and professional attention to handling our accounts has led to an improved financial condition and continuous growth for the company.  We started with one major account, nearly doubled our revenue with a second, and are now negotiating a third.

In the current economic climate, Lexx Funding has made the difference for us between success and failure.  Again, thank you for all you do to support small businesses!"

Nancy R. Tidwell, President
NRT & Associates, Inc.

"In today's world there seems there are too many things to complain about and not much to have grateful for.  That is why I am writing you today.  I can't begin to tell how instrumental Lexx Funding has been to my company.  With the economy as it is today it seems like more and more companies are not paying their bills on time as they normally have in the past.  I see more and more "slow paying" customers daily.  The results of this are that my company can't make its financial obligation on a timely basis as we pride ourselves in.  This is where your company is a god send.  Because of your service, when I fax my invoices to you I have money to meet my expenses such as payroll and fuel on time.  It is a pleasure doing business with you and I would like to thank you for taking away all those sleepless nights."

Terry Nelson
Cornerstone Transportation



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